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Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Against My Brother

I just watched a really good video on what it is like to be a Christian in Somalia. You can watch it below

 The website  I Against My Brother also has a 4-page Bible study for use after watching the film. This would be great for Sunday School, small groups and even homeschooling. The below news report is by CBN:

Muslims turning to Christ in Somalia is the subject of the new short film "I Against My Brother."

At only 15 minutes long, producers hope the film will become an evangelism tool -- something that Somalis could even watch on a cell phone.

"I Against My Brother" dramatizes the true story of a Somali woman who came to believe in Christ.

For her the cost was extremely high. In Somalia, she says, being a Muslim is seen as a part of being Somali.

"Somali people are very close. We share everything," the woman said in the film. "In our house there was only one room and there were seven of us."

In a surprise move to the city, the Somali woman encounters a Christian family. They show her God's love as they befriend her.

She then started reading the Bible in secret.

"I thought, 'Even if this (the Bible) is true, there's no way I can accept it. I'm a Somali. There's no other world I can go live in. If I accept this I will be killed,'" the woman recalled.

Eventually, the woman converted. The movie shows the real dangers she faced after coming to Christ.

The filmmaker told CBN News those dangers make it tough for Somali Christians to worship. They've even had to remain anonymous for this story due to security concerns.

"Somali Christians are very underground. They don't know each other. As far as I know there's no church of Somali believers pastored by a Somali pastor," one of the filmmakers said.

The filmmakers hope the Western church will watch the movie and pray for Somalis.

"The Somali people make international news almost every week for stuff that's really terrible," the other producer added.

"There's piracy, there's terrorism, there's the war in Somalia, there's the refugee camps," he continued. "And we want the church as they read these headlines to have a different response than the world has."

The filmmakers also hope that small groups will take advantage of online bible study materials -- and commit to praying weekly for the persecuted church in Somalia.

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